Sound Doctor 911 - Ventura County's TRUE Mobile Electronics Installation Specialist

JH - VP of Operations
"Speakers Sound Great.  Thanks Dr. Dave"

JS - Broker / Property Manager
"Quick Service, Speakers Sound Great - Looking forward to bringing my Truck in soon."

M&A - Family
"Love the video and speaker upgrade.  Will return in January for entire system upgrade - Thank you Sound Doctor"

JL - Mom of 2, Teacher
"My kids are loving the video you installed.  We took a long trip for our school, and they loved every minute of the drive.  Thank you!

DO - Student
I came in with a budget for an amplifier, sub and new speakers in my Cadillac.  Sound Doctor 911 worked with me, as my Mom and Grandma all pitched in.  Sounds great!

DB - President
Every other shop said they couldn't fix my radio.  Sound Doctor 911 not only fixed my radio, but did it in only a few days.  Definitely will come back!

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